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Office Automation Secretaryship

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Office Automation Secretaryship

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Objectives of Qualification Diploma in Office Automation Secretaryship.
  • Develop in students the basic skills needed to install computer equipment
  • Identify the various computer components
  • Identify tools needed to assemble a PC
  • Assemble the various computer components
  • Test the working of the computer system.
Develop in students the skills needed to install the operating and applications systems.
  • Know the various operating systems and make a choice according to the user’s needs
  • Plan the installation of the operating system
  • Install, configure, update and upgrade the operating system
  • Know the brands of the operating systems and select according to the user’s needs
  • Install, configure and update common applications
Develop in students the skills needed to keep the equipment in good working order by cleaning, adjusting and monitoring.
  • Assemble computer maintenance kit
  • Draw up a computer equipment maintenance schedule
  • Use appropriate tools from the maintenance kit to clean, adjust and monitor the computer system
  • Design and give a heading to breakdown follow-up sheet

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